KSUBuzz Editor’s Picks: Out on the Town

Lily Martis

Check out our recommendations for what to check out in this week pop culture trends.



Wigo is the “who’s going out” app for college students. The app allows students to quickly find out who’s going out and where. See who at Kent State is going out, let your friends know where you’re headed and tap friends you want to see out. The app also has a safety feature blocking underage high school students, adults and other random people. Wave goodbye to annoying group texts and lame Facebook events and download the free app. 



“Empire” is a new drama that follows the head of a hip-hop music artist and CEO, Lucious Lyon, whose three sons compete for control of his empire. The reappearance of his ex-wife complicates matters further as she seeks compensation for going to prison for the drug-related business that launched his early career. The show runs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Fox. Although the series already premiered last week, the full episode can be viewed on Fox’s website.