Kevin Hart brings laughter with his new special, ‘Now What?’

Comedian Kevin Hart performs at the M.A.C. Center on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014. The show was sold out within the first 2 hours of ticket sales.

Samantha Ickes

Kevin Hart filled the MAC Center with laughs Saturday night with new material in his sold out performance, part of his upcoming “Now What?” tour.

The show opened with two of Hart’s fellow comedians, Joey Wells and Na’im Lynn. Both joked about college life: the freshman fifteen, safe sex, roommate problems and hangovers.

The crowd chanted as Wells announced Kevin Hart.  The lights came up and smoke began to fill the stage as Hart strutted to the microphone.

Hart shared some personal news about his recent engagement and how he wants to move before getting married due to a wildlife problem in his neighborhood.

“I liked how he made real life situations humorous,” said Sara White, senior speech pathology and audiology major. “All the real life situations, he brought them to life.”

The show began with his experiences with a raccoon to what would happen if wildlife attacked his family. From there, Hart branched off into different experiences from the past year, causing laughter as his stories progressed.

“He couldn’t even stop laughing at his own jokes,” said Riley Dell, freshman exploratory major.  “The show was great, the whole show.”

Hart talked about everything from taking out the garbage at night along his unlit driveway to tipping waitresses to ordering a caramel vanilla latte at Starbucks.

“Seeing his other specials, his new material was fresh and hilarious,” said Trevor Skinner, junior applied physics major.

Hart said the amount of energy in the room from the Kent State students was phenomenal.

“By far the best school that I’ve been to so far,” he said.

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