TV shows get the axe over Halloween weekend

Audrey Young

Halloween weekend turned out to be a little extra scary for some new TV shows that got the axe from their networks.  There are two that I am especially saddened about. I love new shows, yet I often find that they fall off the wagon quicker than I would have hoped.

NBC not set to reorder A to Z

I first started this show on the wonderful world of Hulu. This cancellation actually surprises me. The show reminds me so much of How I Met Your Mother I thought for sure there would be more than enough viewers to pull out a few seasons at least. This show, in my eyes, had catchy dialogue and characters that caught my attention. What I loved about this show was the mix between goofy and serious— the show seemed bright and I was excited to see where the relationship of these two very different characters would go. I think producers saw a chance to continue the HIMYM reign but viewers seem to have closed the book. Looks like the show is going from pilot to cancelled before expected.

According to the show producers this cancellation is not official and if you want to #saveAtoZ you can start tuning in now! The show is on every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. If you can’t watch it then DVR or Hulu it. 

Manhattan Love Story and ABC are headed to Splits Ville.

This show has been officially pulled from the ABC Tuesday line up, and I am heartbroken. This show had what I wasn’t finding with ‘A to Z,’ which was a real relationship feel. I loved this couple together — they were adorably fumbling through a new relationship, much like I do.  Plus I could stare at Jake McDorman all day long. What has me even more upset is the show will be replaced by a second showing of the show I feel should be cancelled: Selfie. I find this show annoying and not relatable, but I guess I am the only one. Will I even know what happens to these two? I am never a fan of when shows are cancelled without ending. It’s like starting a book and then losing it — I can’t do it. Looks like I will be watching reruns on Hulu while trying to figure out what went wrong. 

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