Thanksgiving brings on guilty pleasures

Audrey Young

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite holiday, Halloween, and how it is much better when you’re a kid. The article got me thinking about the other holidays and what I love about each one — and it hit me that Thanksgiving is the most underrated holiday ever. It is a day full of my favorite things.

Most people spend a moment focusing on Halloween fun, glide over Thanksgiving and then jump into the longest Christmas celebration ever. Yet, when you break down what you do on Thanksgivings, you might find yourself thinking a bit different about leaving turkey day out in the cold. We all need to jump off the Polar Express and give Thanksgiving its day in the sun.

The day revolves around waking up, being with the people you love and eating— multiple times in one day. Not only can you eat whatever and how much you want, Thanksgiving food is, in my opinion, the best. The feast that has become the traditional Thanksgiving meal is the most stick-to-your-bones delicious meal you could ever make. Food might be the thing I love the most, so a day where I am judged for not eating enough is my favorite kind of day.

After I stuff my face with food, I am exhausted. Fittingly, this holiday calls for a midday nap. On most holidays it’s rude to sleep in the middle of the party, but on Thanksgiving you are supposed to. You could even use the opportunity as a way to avoid those testy family members that annoy you. Sure, you slept the whole time, but you technically spent time with them.

It can be time to eat again after the well-deserved nap. You ate two hours ago, and all you did today besides that was sleep, but on this holiday another round of eating is okay. Leftover Thanksgiving food may be even better than the dinner itself.

Basically this is your guilty pleasure’s dream holiday. Eat, sleep and repeat — what’s not to love? This day is usually stock-full of awesome TV, and between football games and the Macy’s Day Parade I am sure there is something for everyone in the family to find enjoyable.  

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