Kim K breaks the Internet, but there’s more online than her butt

Audrey Young

I see London, I see France, we have all seen Kim K’s… well, everything. By now we have all seen, or at the very least heard, about Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine photos in which she bares it all for the cameras. Now I know no one is here to read my views on the over-sexulization of our society and blah blah blah. but I will say this — since when is posting a naked photo of a famous person anything new?  Did we not all lose our minds a few months ago over nudes leaked of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton? In fact I would say those photos supposedly “broke the Internet” more than these planned photo shopped shots of Kim.

BuzzFeed did a mock of the recent shots, and had guys pose like Kim to see how it made them feel — and it was hilarious. In my opinion, that was more share-worthy than the original photos were. However, I guess she wins because everyone including me is talking about her now.

Kim did not make good on her promise to “break the Internet” per say, but this photo shoot did spark some note worthy laughs that could help you through the final weeks of the semester. Here are some extra Kim K memes courtesy of You’re welcome. 

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