Fall into Exquisite fashion

Felicia Ssempala

Students filled the Kent State Ballroom waiting to experience the world of Exquisite Inc. at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 24.

Fall Into Fashion is an annual fall fashion show put on by Exquisite Inc. This year’s show was a preview of fall trends, which featured original designs and styled looks from three Exquisite members. The show was split into three different scenes.

  “Each of us had free range to express our creativity through the garments we chose to showcase,” said Sade Moose, senior fashion merchandising major and Exquisite Inc. president.

Sultry sounds played while models incorporated chairs into their runway routine for Moose’s scene, “Crème de la crème.” Her six models were styled in cohesive white and beige.

“For my scene, I realized I owned a lot of white, beige and tan,” Moose said. “I just pieced those things together from my closet.”

The show was nerve-wracking for Shalia Johnson, sophomore fashion design major and member of Exquisite Inc. This was her first time showcasing her styling and designing abilities. “Add Plaid” was the name of Johnson’s scene.

“Plaid is a big trend in the fall, and that was my biggest inspiration for my scene,” Johnson said.

To keep the audience entertained between the different scenes, hosts Jakim Harvey and Lacy Talley engaged the audience. During one of the intersessions, Harvey performed spoken word while Talley walked the runway. 

During the last intersession, some of the audience members were invited to the stage for a mini competition with a cash prize of $20. Students rushed to the stage to strut their stuff and the audience chose the best walk.

Jhane’ Johnson, sophomore communication studies major, participated in the audience runway competition and was excited at how well the show went.

“I really enjoyed the show, it was a very intimate setting,” Johnson said. “I came to support a friend and ended up really enjoying what the Exquisite fashion show had to offer.”

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