Portage County Commissioner


Candidate: Sabrina Christian-Bennett (Incumbent)

Political party: Republican

Background: Sabrina Christian-Bennett is owner and president of Bennett Land Title Agency, LLC. She received a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kent State University with a major in human resources.

Why should I care? Christian-Bennett aims to promote economic growth and new jobs for Portage County, and develop a capital improvement fund plan, according to her official website. She also aims to combat the growing heroin problem in Portage county, and said she’s working with Portage County judges to establish a drug court and an addiction recovery center. The Kent State College Republicans have endorsed Christian-Bennett.

Message to Kent State students: Christian-Bennett did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.



Candidate: Richard Duncan

Political party: Independent

Background: Duncan is a retired postal worker with a Masters in urban geography from Kent State. He is the vice chairman of the city of Kent Board of Building Appeals. He ran for U.S. president in 2012 and is considering running for president in 2016. Duncan’s campaign is self-funded.

Why should I care? Duncan traveled overseas in April to learn about different economies in order to foster ideas that create new jobs in Portage County, his official website states.

Message to Kent State students: “I took a trip to China, Japan, Vietnam and India to see why all the jobs are going overseas. My main thrust will be to get more jobs in our country. The debt students incur after graduation is high, and they need good-paying jobs after they graduate,” he said in a statement.



Candidate: Vicki A. Kline

Political party: Democrat

Background: Kline currently serves as Portage County Treasurer. She has a Masters in business administration from Kent State, and is a certified public accountant, certified financial planner and chairperson of the Portage County Land Bank.

Why should I care? Kline said she hopes to bring more jobs to Portage County and continue to support the Portage County Land Bank, according to an article in The Plain Dealer. Kline also said she will work to fight the growing heroin problem in Portage County. The Kent State College Democrats have endorsed Kline.

Message to Kent State students: “I think I’m one to obviously promote economic growth in Portage County. I’d like you to be able to stay here and work here and make your home here. We don’t want their brain drain. My slogan is, ‘I’m fiscally responsible, I’m forward-thinking and I’m fair-minded.’ You need solid people skills and financial background. (I have) experience in finance, and I have demonstrated my people skills in every organization I’ve worked in,” she said in a statement.