Portage County elects incumbent Kathleen Clyde for second term

Joanna Kamvouris


Democrat incumbent Kathleen Clyde is projected to defeat Republican Nick Skeriotis in the race for the Ohio 75th District Representative in the Ohio House.

Representative Clyde won 55 percent of the votes, according to vote.ohio.gov.

Born and raised in Portage County, Clyde said she looks forward to continue serving all of her constituents.

Clyde said winning felt great.

“We worked really hard,” Clyde said. “The Kent State democrats were very helpful in my race. I will work to make life better in Portage County.”

Currently an associate in the Kent Law firm of Williams, Welser, Kratcoski & Can, Representative Clyde plans to continue turning the economy around from the middle out, provide a funding formula for K-12 and encourage affordable higher education in her second term.  

“I represent middle class values and middle class families,” Clyde said. “Right now, I think that we need somebody in the statehouse who cares about everyone and who is willing to work with all sides to try to benefit as many people as possible, and I’m very interested in continuing to lead my office in that way.”

As a Portage County resident of 15 years, Skeriotis campaigned with 28 years of first-hand experience as a business owner, managing more than 40 employees at S & K Asphalt. Skeriotis said he knows what it takes to create jobs and speaks with employers every day about the issues they face in the job market.

“For all those who voted for me, thank you,” Skeriotis said. “For those who didn’t, I hope that economic growth will be okay. I’m happy for Kathleen Clyde.”

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