BSR Beats: The Feels

Jordan Garber

Looking for some new releases to zone out to? Or maybe something new to rock out to? Whatever you please, this playlist has you covered and is guaranteed to give you all the feels.


“Every Other Freckle” – Alt-J

I’ve been a huge Alt-J fan ever since I first heard their debut album from a leaked YouTube video. When I heard they were releasing a second album, I was super excited to hear what new tunes they had in store, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. The song, titled Every Other Freckle, is one of my favorites from the album. It builds up from the beginning and ventures into an intricate sound of various instruments while somehow still remaining true to their simple and easy sound.


“I’m a Vampire” – The Amazing Snakeheads

I’m a sucker for garage rock bands, and if you add little bit of blues and little bit of punk then you have The Amazing Snakeheads. When I first heard them, I was in shock that I hadn’t heard of them before, and once I got over that, I immediately added them to my iTunes.


“Bumblebee” – Kasabian

Kasabian will always have a special place in my heart. I remember crowd surfing during one of their concerts and being dropped on the ground, but it’s cool, I’m totally over that. I felt like I was waiting forever for their most recent album, 48:13, to drop, but once it did, it was totally worth the wait. Nearly every song on the album rules, but Bumblebee has to be the most Kasabain-esque one and it’s awesome.


“Evil’s My Friend” – Rancid

Rancid’s new album is killer, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire album, but I can confidently say that one of the best songs is Evil’s My Friend. It’s true to Rancid’s fun, fast tempo, but still has a new and refreshing sound.


“Candy Man” – Primus

If you love Primus, chances are you have already heard their new album, Primus and the Chocolate Factory, five times over again, and fell in love every time. The sound is definitely a little different than what Primus normally does, but then again, nothing Primus does is normal.

Playlist by Jordan Garber, Street Marketing Director.