Poetry Slam set to bring different artists in one stage

Anthony Didion

The Wick Poetry Center will host its first ever poetry slam on Thursday Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. in the African Community Theatre of Oscar Ritchie Hall.

The event will consist of more than 20 poets reading or performing their own original pieces, said Daisha Overstreet, student assistant at the Wick Poetry Center.

Although the Wick Poetry Center does a good job bringing in students who like reading poetry, the performing poet students are unreached. Overstreet said she thinks an event like this will bring the two different groups together.

The poems being read and acted out will all be different and will showcase the author’s personality.

“I expect the theatre to be filled and then some,” she said. “So many people have shown interest in this event.”

This is the first time the Wick Poetry Center has had a combination event like this but will not be the last.

“The Wick Poetry Center plans to have more poetry events in the spring,” Overstreet said.

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