Halloween’s not over, and neither is the love for it

Audrey Young

Kent might have had its Halloween blowout last Thursday, but the real Halloween holiday is not until this coming Friday. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love Halloween so much I named my cat Binx after the movie “Hocus Pocus.”  

It’s still crisp and fall-like outside, there is candy, costumes, scary movies and all the pumpkin things in the world — what’s not to like about this? And yes, I left out haunted houses because those are not fun. I don’t care how much I love Halloween, I won’t do them.

Saturday was not only Kent’s Halloween, it was also my apartment complex’s trick or treat — which was the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed. After all of the kids finished running around, I realized Halloween is so much better as a kid. 

Candy is so much sweeter when it’s free

Sure you can go out to the nearest Walmart, grab a whole bag of fun sized goodness and hoard it in your house for yourself. As a kid though all you had to do was dress up and run around for a few hours with your friends and you got three times the amount. Halloween candy, for reasons I cannot explain, always tasted better at 10 p.m. after trick or treating. 

The costumes were cooler 

I feel like at 23 whenever I want to wear a funny costume, it doesn’t come of as sweet as it did when I was five. It’s like you have two options: run around freezing with your boobs out or look like a hot mess of fabric and not nearly as cute as you were going for. When you were a kid your mom stuck you in a princess dress that cost $20 bucks and you were on your merry adorable way. 

Disney Halloween movies were the bomb

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the scary Halloween movies — especially the old 80s versions. When I was little though, Disney Halloween movies were equal part scary — for an 8 year old — and equal part hilarious. Halloween Town was my Halloween jam — after Hocus Pocus of course. 

Happy real Halloween, Kent. Make it a great one! 

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