2014 Homecoming King Candidate Profiles


Andrew Cappuzzello
Integrated math, senior

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were selected to be on Homecoming court?

“I was pretty shocked actually, it was 11 o’clock at night and a weird number called me, and I didn’t even answer it! Then a KSU number called me and I got the news.”

Why did you decide to apply to be on homecoming court?

“It was something I recognized as a freshmen, when it was time to vote for homecoming court, I looked at all the names, and I remember seeing my DKS guide’s name. I’ve always looked up to that, and it’s great seeing everything come full circle. It’s kind of bittersweet, but I’m glad I made the most out of my Kent State experience.”

What is your favorite Homecoming memory?

“It was definitely last year and experiencing homecoming with FLASHanthropy and my friends at the KSU phone center. Even though it was raining, we still had fun. We all tailgated and went to the game, it was a fun experience.”

What’s next after graduation?

“I definitely want to work for Kent State in Institutional Advancement. I love fundraising and interacting with alumni. Raising money for Kent State in any way is truly rewarding for me.”


Michael Fisher
Managerial marketing, senior

How have you been involved at KSU since your freshman year?

“I was an architecture major at first, so I couldn’t be involved at all. Once I switched to marketing, I wanted to find more ways to get involved. I joined the American Marketing Association, and I applied for a chair position and got it. I also applied for a chair position for student ambassadors, and I got that as well. I also did Provost Leadership Academy my freshmen year.”

Why did you decide to apply to be on homecoming court in the first place?

“I’ve always wanted to be on homecoming court. After I saw the spirit walk my freshmen year, I knew that this is where I wanted to be. Everyday at Kent State is a dream, and being on homecoming court is a dream come true.”

How will you celebrate if you win Homecoming king?

“I will make various joke about the Princess Diaries!”


Christopher Woods
Magazine journalism, senior

How do you best show your Kent State spirit?

“I think I am the most Kent State-spirited at the Akron Game. I’ve always felt like I was a great representative of Kent State University. Especially being a cheerleader, being a flashguide, being a face for freshman and parents who are coming into the university. But also at the Akron game, when you’re facing your rival. It’s one of those things that just bleeds. I swear now, you can cut me open the left side of me is blue, the right side of me is gold and there’s this green line in the middle. It is crazy. You realize at that moment how much you love your school.”

What is your favorite Homecoming memory?

“My favorite homecoming memory happened in the homecoming of 2012. I remember that homecoming because it was a really great year to be a Golden Flash. I was a Kent State University Cheerleader and we were walking in the parade and our football team was amazing that year so everyone was really excited for the game and the spirit level was high. It was honestly so exciting — walking in the parade, seeing everybody being so excited, handing out candy to the kids. It was awesome. That feeling of honestly loving your school. This is what it’s about.”

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were selected to be on Homecoming court?

“Glory to God! It was awesome, it was humbling feeling. I know how hard it was. I know so many students applied to be on Homecoming court and picking the top 12 must’ve been incredibly hard.”

Why should people vote for you to be Homecoming king?

“I’m so happy and so fortunate to have used my time. I got to be involved in things, I’ve touched people, and I got to have incredible experiences. Of everything I have done in the past, making court is the epitome of it all. To be King would literally be the best.”


Mathew Gilkerson
Advertising, senior

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were selected to be on Homecoming court?

“I was so excited. I was in rehearsal at Kent Clarks. They said if we made court they’d call us. So, I got a call and I stepped out and I was in the hall way and I had this huge smile. Then I went back in and I’m like, “Guys, I made court” and everybody hugged me. It was amazing. It was such a great time. I was with this giant group of my family here.”

How do you best show your Kent State spirit?

“I would probably say from my involvement, and through my word of mouth. I think it’s just the way I present myself at the university that’s like I’m always like let’s go Kent no matter what. That’s just because I love it so much, I love my school.”

What is your favorite Homecoming memory?

“My favorite memory would probably be the parade last year because I got some of my residents and we had a banner and we got some candy and we were just walking down the streets. Seeing all the families and the little kids supporting Kent State and everyone so excited to be there for our school was probably one of the coolest things.”

How has Kent State impacted your life?

“It’s completely changed the way I am and helped me grow into the person I know I was supposed to become. Kent State allowed me to take a step back and take all the skills I have and put them into real situations and like. It’s given me the experience I need in helping me to become the person I wanted to be.”


Steven Langdon
Advertising, senior

Why should people vote for you to be Homecoming King?

“I think I should be Homecoming King because I love Kent State so much I got it tattooed on my arm actually, this past summer. So I have a huge K and a lightning bolt tattooed on my arm that (shows) I literally wear Kent State on my sleeve everyday whether it’s my tattoo or my name tag at the Rec Center, or a name tag over at Franklin, or walking around on campus, I’m always wearing Kent State.”

What is your favorite Homecoming memory?

“My favorite Homecoming memory was actually coming here when I was a sophomore in high school because my older brother went to Kent State and I came for the first time and I checked out the campus and I went to the Homecoming game … and it was that day I was like, ‘yeah, I can’t wait to come here, this is going to be my school, this is going to be what my homecoming is all about, like I can’t wait to come here and bring my friends and family here and show them’. It was real exciting; it was fun to go a new place that wasn’t the Pittsburgh schools everyone else was going to.”

What advice would you give to freshman about Homecoming at KSU?

“It never gets old. You’re going to come here every year for the rest of your life so enjoy yourself. You’re going to do a lot of crazy different things, you’re going to see a lot of awesome friends and make new friends that you’ll see year after year. Enjoy yourself, be smart and behave yourself because you’re going to be coming back and we’re all going to you guys every single year. It’s exciting.”

How will you celebrate if you get Homecoming king?

“I can’t wait to wear as much Kent State memorabilia, and just play like ‘mayor of the city’. Like go run around downtown and attend the alumni party and shake hands, kiss babies, do all that fun stuff.”


Kevin Heller
Geology and conservation, senior

Why did you decide to apply to be on the Homecoming Court?

“I decided to apply because just growing up in Kent for a large part of my life and with my mom working here I felt like I wanted to represent Kent State truly. My bosses that I work for in the Theatre Department they told me last year to apply for Homecoming Court and I ended up doing it this year and it was because I wanted to represent Kent State truly and show them what Kent is about. I wanted to show them what family is about since my mom works here. In all honesty I wanted to make her proud in a lot of ways. I do a lot at this university and I can really go ahead and show and let people know what this university gives to its students and represents as an entity.”

What is your favorite Homecoming memory?

“A couple years ago, the Geology Department actually won the Homecoming Day float, and they built a giant volcano and they ended up erupting it outside during the Homecoming parade. So that was one of my favorites, seeing us win the float. Also two years ago I got to walk in the parade with the Geology Department and we got to wear this big dinosaur costumes and they had pictures of other dinosaurs on them, so those are a few of my favorite memories.”

Why should people vote for you to be to be Homecoming king?

“You know, I think people should vote for the best candidate, who they find most intriguing, and I think that’s up to anybody. If I was to say what I think people should vote for me for, I think they should vote for me because I really do represent the better half of Kent State University. I really do understand different walks of life, you know I live in the Geology building, but I work in the Theatre building, but I belong to the Science building, and I’m in the Student Center, so I’m everywhere. I’m not afraid to go up to someone and hang out with them and talk to them, get to know their story. And I think they should vote for me because I really know everyone has a story and that there’s someone out there willing to get to know somebody else and I feel like I’m that guy who can to get to know them too.”

How will you celebrate if you get Homecoming king?

“First I’m going to spend time with my parents because my dad lives in another state and he’s coming out to see the game. Honestly for a while that night I’m going to spend time with my family; just go out to eat and hangout with each other, celebrate the good times. After that I’m just going to go see my friends and go out and celebrate Homecoming and celebrate Kent State, and have a good time.”

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