Visual Kent


A municiple worker for the city of Kent hangs a wreath over the intersection of E Main St. and N Depeyster St on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014.

Jacob Byk

It always seems like when one holiday ends, the advertisement for another begins. Christmas decorations have started popping up in downtown Kent, under an opaque sky. I generally (like most people, it would seem) am somewhat complacent when it comes to holiday ornaments: They come and they go and I don’t pay much attention unless they are in my way. The winter season decorations are particularly unique, as they celebrate light. If you look closely into the wreath in this photograph, you’ll see a candle. The reason I think I noticed this, other than the fact that the crane the gentleman hanging the decoration is standing in loomed over the intersection, is because these colors, these symbols of light, are peaceful. Not that Halloween decorations don’t bring me joy and peace of mind, but this time of the year always seems to light up the winter, just as the days get shorter and the air gets a little colder. Maybe it’s just the primary and complimentary colors. 

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