What’s in a quiz?

Audrey Young

I have a pretty big obsession with online quizzes — you know the ones that tell you what element you are, what type of dog you would be, does your personality suck?, etc. Those are my stress reliever. They are mindless and meaningless and most of the time hilariously accurate. 

The best online quizzes are the ones that tell you who your boyfriend from each show you love to watch would be, such as “Which OC guy would be best?” — I could take that one over and over. I started thinking that part of my love for television shows are for the fictional relationships. I am a romantic, what can I say? Sadly, as much as I love those quizzes, I can’t date those television guys, but I can swoon. Here are my top three favorite TV couples. 

Sabrina and Harvey 

The 90s classic couple. I was too little to swoon over Harvey when the show began but I grew up fawning over him eventually — I even had the matching Harvey and Sabrina dolls…yep. Last summer, Hulu released the whole series, if you haven’t watched it all back— 90s girls I’m looking at you. You need to. Sabrina even dates another hot guy and I still was always pulling for good old Harvey Kinkle. They show that no magic or distance can keep them apart, plus in the end he doesn’t steal her magic so how could she not end up with him? 

Donna and Eric  

This may be because I have a major girl crush on Laura Prepon. However, they were also a pretty kick ass couple. They show that even the weirdest of matches can work. They even make it through a called of wedding — which in real life lets be real is impossible. In television world that’s just adorable. Also Eric stays with her after she dyes her hair that awful blonde so that’s true love. 

Marshall and Lily 

Better known as Marshmellow and Lily Pad, this adorable television couple how to get through a break up and be just as whole and loving as before. They have hilarious moments together which makes them extra adorable. They may be the most candid couple on TV, which is why I love them. They make me want their relationship so what’s not to love about these two? Plus they were the only couple in How I Met Your Mother than ended up together they way it was supposed to be — clearly I’m still not over that finale.

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