BSR Beats: Haunting night

Jordan Savren-Streem

It’s that time of year, the cold brisk nights, rain and Halloween. To prepare yourself for this gloomy and mysterious time of year, I have compiled six dark, new songs that will get you into the spirit of fall.


Pvris – “My House”

This song is perfect for fall and has a driving chorus that will have you playing this on repeat.


Set It Off – “The Haunting”

If you listen to any one song on Halloween, this is one. The creepiness of the verse has the spirit of what Halloween is all about and always reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas.


Tonight Alive – “The Edge”

Featured in the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie, this song is fun and brings out that other side of you through the powerful lyrics.


Yellowcard- “Crash The Gates”

Crash The Gates is a heavy rock song that is ideal for head banging.


Breathe Carolina- “Sellouts”

Want a dark song but still want to jam out and get ready for the Halloween parties? Well Sellouts is the song for you.


Fall Out Boy- “The Phoenix”

Put on your war paint with this classic by Fall Out Boy. Listening to this on your way to class will give you some weird looks as you use your backpack as a guitar and your water bottle as a microphone. This song is seriously epic.

Playlist by: Jordan Savren-Streem (Street Team Coordinator)