Students break away from the norm, make DIY costumes

DIY Costumes

DIY Costumes

Cheyenne Perry

Many students donned Halloween costumes for a night out in Kent last weekend, and some are preparing to dress up again for the actual holiday. For students who want to stand out, buying a pre-packaged costume might not be the best solution. Some students pieced their outfits together themselves in order to create a unique look.

Sherri Dakes, owner of Einstein’s Attic, a vintage store in Kent, said most students come in to find pieces for their costumes instead of looking for packaged ensembles.

“They’re always in here on their phones looking and saying ‘Yeah, I need this and this.’ They don’t really care for packaged stuff,” Dakes said. “They want to put their own stuff together.”

Reaven Owens, a freshman entrepreneurship major, said she wanted to find a costume that was original and stay away from things that are too trendy. 

“I tried really hard to find a peacock costume. I ended up making my own and it was cheaper than one online,” Owens said. 

Corynn Musser, a senior biology major, had to pull outfit pieces from several different places. She’s going as a steampunk town mayor. Steam punk is a style that fuses the industrial era dress with industrial age technology and accessories. Musser and about five of her friends wore steampunk inspired outfits

“I went to Amazon, I went to Gabriel Brothers and I also went to Einstein’s. Everybody goes to Einstein’s,” Musser said. “Then I had some things that were my own.”

Alisha Bush, a freshman pre-nursing major, said she was going to make her costume completely from items she already owns. 

“I’m going to be football player because I have it readily available and I don’t have to buy anything,” she said.

Yet just because some students want a creative hand in their costume ensemble doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to pay to look good. Owens’s peacock costume cost her $82, and it cost Musser around $40 to get her costume together.

“This is going to be my last year because I am graduating,” Musser said. “I spent a little extra money.” 

Dakes says students who come into Einstein’s will normally spend between $20 and $45. Although Bush doesn’t have to pay for her costume this year, last year she went as G.I. Jane and spent about $80.

“Last year, I put my outfit together myself (as well). I bought a jacket and then I bought shoes,” said Bush. “I still have the jacket, still have the shoes, still wear them, so it was worth it.”

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