The Transforum Theatre


Photo submitted by Daniel Ebert

Anthony Didion

Transforum Theatre, a small theatre group composed of Kent State students, went to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last month.  

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest art festival in the world that lasts for three weeks every August. There are thousands of shows at hundreds of venues every day, said Daniel Ebert, Transforum Theatre founder and president.   

Transforum Theatre performed “A Collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” at the Greenside @ Nicolson venue. It is part of the School of Theatre and Dance’s goals to get international recognition and broaden the School of Theatre and Dance, Ebert said.

The trip to Scotland was also a great learning experience for all of the students involved, Ebert said.  

“We saw so much theater there,” Ebert said.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe helped all of the students broaden their perspective on theatre and get a glimpse outside of the theatre style at Kent State University.

“The genre of theatre we saw was so amazing,” Ebert said. “We learned so much.”

The excitement of the festival and the unknowing of what’s to come kept the group on its feet, said Scott Miesse, senior member of the Transforum Theatre.

“Going into it I knew it was going to be a whirlwind of events,” Miesse said. “We never knew what we were going to be doing next.”   

The group hopes to make the trip to Scotland a biannual experience and resume builder, Ebert said.

“I hope that Transforum Theatre can grow within the university and among the students,” said Ebert said. “Once we leave after this year, I hope it can be something future students get to experience.”

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