New respiratory care major to be offered at the Ashtabula campus

Erica Batyko

The Faculty Senate voted to create a new major in respiratory care at their meeting Monday night. The new major will be added to the Kent State Ashtabula campus fall 2015.

The two-year online program is only being offered to certified or registered respiratory therapists who hold an accredited associate degree in respiratory therapy.  

Wanda Thomas, Dean of the Regional College, said that the new program comes from a national and local request to develop an advanced practitioner degree at the baccalaureate level. 

“We’re a little bit late to the game,” said Thomas. “Most other colleges and universities have already added this bachelor’s degree, but we have been requested by local hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic to also advance to the baccalaureate level.”

The new degree will be offered online to help students who are already working full-time as therapy practitioners said Yvonne George, Director of the Respiratory Therapy Program. The online program will also help to attract students from around the nation, instead of just Ohio residents.

The respiratory care major will increase students’ critical thinking skills to help practitioners move forward in their profession said Thomas.

“Students that complete the program will be able to further their career work as department managers, maybe find work in education or any place they want to go,” said George.

The program will include ten new classes that will be taught by professionals with master’s degrees.  Completion of the program will require a minimum of 120 credit hours.

Ashtabula campus is currently looking for full-time and adjunct professors for the program.

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