KSUIF searching for rom-com, environmental script


Script Competition

Ashley Kotlenz

Every scriptwriter longs to see his or her name roll through the credits at the end of a film. While many writers wonder how they can make their dream come true, Kent State Independent Films is giving them a chance.

Candela is a Kent State alum, and his undergraduate was in electronic media production, and he is currently working toward a masters in liberal studies, with a concentration in filmmaking.

This year’s film genre will be a romantic comedy with an environmental message, KSUIF board member and graduate assistant Buddy Candela said. Past genres have included horror, action and musical. 

“(KSUIF) felt that this film needed a cause and should leave an impact on the viewers that we decided to add the environmental message,” Candela said. “The romance and the comedy should be the main focus of the story, with the environmental message being left for the viewer to think about after,” Candela said.“

KSUIF will only be accepting full scripts, and only through email or hard copy to Franklin Hall, Room 126. The deadline to submit a script is Oct. 3 at 5 p.m. 

Anyone — student or non-student — is welcome to submit a script. Filming will begin in June and the full film will be released Dec. 2015, Candela said. 

The scripts will be read through October and a winner should be announced in late October or early November, he said. 

“The script has to be doable,” he said. “We are on a limited budget so it is important that the film can be done with the money we have.”

The winner will be awarded official accreditation on IMDB, and a chance to join the film’s crew in addition to seeing his or her script made into a film. Candela says a winning script will have memorable characters, a good story and must be done within the budget. 

Candela hopes to see KSUIF gain popularity and to get the name out there with this film. “I hope that this film will help expand the film community in Kent and in northeast Ohio as a whole. My main goal is Kent State Independent Films to be recognized for the hard work and effort we put into these films each year,” he said. 

If writing isn’t your thing, but you still want to get involved, KSUIF is also looking for actors. Auditions will be held in the spring.

Contact Ashley Kotlenz at [email protected].