Painting campus PINK



Erin Zaranec

It’s almost impossible to spend a day on any college campus without seeing a variety of Victoria’s Secret PINK products. From hoodies and yoga pants to book bags and workout attire, PINK has become an important brand for the college girl. 

PINK has become a globally recognized brand, but with their PINK Representatives and PINK Street Team, the PINK empire made itself at home on Kent’s campus last year. 

Our campus is currently home to two PINK Representatives and seven PINK Street Team members. Senior fashion merchandising major Anna Watson and junior public relations major Victoria Manenti help represent the brand at Kent State. 

“We work as brand ambassadors,” Watson said. “We are a liaison for the company to reach their target market.”

Both girls had to go through a formal application and interview process with Victoria’s Secret corporate before getting the job. In August, they spent three days there to learn more about the brand and meet campus representatives from across the nation. 

The two representatives handpicked their seven Street Team members. 

“The big thing that we want to get across is that this is for the college girl and for us,” Manenti said, “Even when we were picking our street team, we wanted the whole entire campus to be represented.”

The Street Team members work as volunteers and support the campus reps at any events or activities planned on campus. 

The Street Team and PINK Reps have a variety of planned and spontaneous events around campus. They run ‘Spotted in Pink’ promotions, where girls wearing PINK apparel around campus can win freebies from the brand. They also have social media contests and giveaways, the latest of which had five winners. 

“I love interacting with the students for contests and giveaways,” Manenti said, “One girl won a freebie and told us she was having the worst day and everything was going wrong but winning our contest really changed her day for the better.” 

All freebies and giveaway products come directly from Victoria’s Secret corporate. 

“I really like seeing all of the new product and getting feedback on it. We are part of Victoria’s Secret corporate, I like being able to give them feedback because they are listening to us,” Watson said. 

New products were in the works for Kent State last year, with our school in the running for a custom Kent State PINK clothing line. Although the reps could not comment as to why Kent did not receive a PINK line, they both agreed it is a possibility for the future. 

Watson and Manenti are currently planning the team’s largest event, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party. The party will not only take place at Kent State, but at colleges across the nation. Street Teams from all participating universities have the chance to put their own spin on the viewing parties. 

Kent State’s celebration will be on December 9 at Buffalo Wild Wings downtown. 

The PINK team will start the search for new representatives in January. Information on the representative position will be available through or any of the Kent State PINK social media handles. (@kentstatepink) 

“We’re girls that are passionate about the products,” Watson said, “and we just want to promote the brand and have fun with Kent State students.”

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