Faking the awkward years to find Carter

Audrey Young

MTV recently has been on point when it comes to TV — and no, I’m not talking about “Teen Mom,” “Teen Mom 2” or “Virgin Territory.” Thanks to MTV, I’ve added three new shows to my must-watch list — and I’m not complaining. You need to go watch them at MTV.com right now. 

The “Awkward” Years

Remember freshman year of high school when the world revolved around your crush, his ex, your BFF and least of all your classes? “Awkward” is MTV’s hilarious take on the blunders we all went through in high school. The show follows Jenna Hamilton, a girl who is equal parts misunderstood, awkward and cool. She writes a blog, has the most annoying best friend and cool young parents to match. After an unfortunate event, Jenna takes on a not-so-cool reputation. Watching Jenna and her friends grow throughout the first two seasons has been filled with tons of OMG, sad and funny moments. “Awkward” returns Sept. 23 at 10 p.m., so go catch up and get ready to laugh at all the cringe-worthy moments.

“Faking It” Till You Make it

MTV has been known to push the boundaries in dramatic ways; however, in “Faking It” they took the more comedic route. The show revolves around two high school girls, Amy and Karma, who go to a high school that seems to work more like Hollywood than any other high school I have ever been to. They decide to “fake” being a lesbian couple to become popular. Throughout their fake relationship and newfound popularity one falls for the popular boy in school, while the other falls for her fake girlfriend. This show is a perfect mix of romance, comedy and drama. You can catch the second season of this show Sept. 23 at 10:30 p.m. 

“Finding Carter” Means Finding Drama

This is MTV’s hot new drama. The story follows Carter Stevens, played by the same actress who played Emily in the British version of “Skins.” If you haven’t watched that, go do it now. Stevens is a young girl with a dream life that quickly gets turned upside down when she learns her mother actually kidnapped her. This is basically MTV’s version of ‘The Face on the Milk Carton’ with a “Skins” twist. The overall concept might not be the most unique, but this show moves quickly and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This show is filled with great characters that you can’t help but feel connected to. “Finding Carter” is filled with love, teen crisis and crime, which scream teen drama brilliance. There are only two episode left in the first season, so get to watching. Episodes air every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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