KSU to celebrate Constitution Day

Olivia Young

University Libraries will honor Constitution Day with a public reading of the Constitution and a guest lecture by attorney Bill Bon on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

The public reading will begin at 1 p.m. in Risman Plaza, weather permitting. It will be on the first floor lobby of the library if it rains.

Bon, a Kent State alum, will discuss the journal, “The Railroad Brotherhoods and the Constitution: Political Activism, Judicial Revolution and Legislative Innovations” following the public reading regarding the Constitution.

“We wanted something a little bit different and more community orientated,” said James Bracken, dean of the University Libraries. “We divided up the Constitution into about 50 parts, and we’re going to have everyone read the Constitution aloud. Hopefully, it’ll be fun.”

Students can volunteer to read portions of the Constitution for two to five minutes. The event is open for all students and faculty to attend.

Anyone interested in participating in the event can visit http://libguides.library.kent.edu/const-day.

Contact Olivia Young at [email protected].