5 things to do freshman year

Erin Zaranec

You’ve survived syllabus week, mapped out where your classes are and hopefully gotten to know a few people in your residence hall. So now what? Here are some things to keep in mind while maneuvering through your first year at Kent State.

1.Get Involved on Campus 

“Joining student organizations really made this giant campus feel so much smaller and more like home to me,” senior hospitality management Sarah Froehlich said. 

2.Take Classes that Interest You  

“Take a class for fun because it can make a required class not seem so bad,” senior fashion merchandising major Sarah Gillette said. 

3.Take Advantage of Kent’s Sunny Days

“Be outside as much as you can when the weather is good,” sophomore political science major Megan Lawrence said. “We don’t always have the best weather in Kent, so be sure to spend any decent day outside enjoying campus or downtown.”

4.Eat your Heart Out

Whether it’s a late-night trip to Rosie’s or participating in theme nights at Eastway, sample all of Kent’s food options. “Go to Boar’s Head in Eastway,” junior hospitality management major Chelsea Limongi said. “It’s so good and it’s not a place everyone knows about.”

5.Make Kent your Second Home

“Every freshman should meet as many people as possible, in classes, in the dorms. Grab a friend and introduce yourself to everyone. College is the best 4-5 years of your life. Don’t spend it being shy,” said junior exercise science major Sobhit Haribhakti.

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