Motivational speaker Jerome Love gives students a ‘Can’t Fail’ mindset


Jerome Love talks about his three simple steps to becoming an extraordinary student and student leader, “get up, get out, get something,” in the Kiva Monday, Sept. 15, 2014.

Chelsea Graff

Kent State students took the opportunity to learn how to create a “Can’t Fail” mindset for leadership presentations Monday night in the Kiva.

Motivational speaker Jerome Love was the kickoff presenter for a speaker series, which will consist of five speakers, sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement.

Love got his audience to their feet and had everyone clapping and shouting positive messages when he walked into the Kiva. The presentation started with him explaining his lowest emotional point as a senior in high school, and continued with an explanation of how his motivation and drive got him to the successful place he is in now.

“I wasn’t groomed or taught to start my own business and the reality is while it was difficult it was possible and what people tend to think is possible was based upon what they see,” Love said. “Most people who haven’t been exposed to much don’t think that they can accomplish it.”

The series is a new initiative aimed to get students to plan and select the programs that they want to attend, while focusing on leadership. Each speaker will be focusing on different aspects of being a leader, said Della Marie Marshall, senior associate director for CSI. 

“I think it will benefit the students and help to have a positive outlook on life,” said Martaysia Holland, a freshman criminology & justice studies major. 

Networking, Love said, was one of the most important things he found that helped him to succeed, and getting the actual job done wasn’t necessarily as important because people don’t appreciate it as much as one would think.

“When I talked to him by phone his whole thing is about that you can’t fail if you have positive attitude, you can’t fail if you believe you can overcome the obstacles that are going to be thrown in your way,” Marshall said. “His positivity was so strong that I was just like this is what students need.”

Love was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Black MBA Association’s Houston Chapter, according to Love’s website. He has written four books, his newest one called “Get Up, Get Out, & Get Something.” He is now the owner of LHS Realty Group.

CSI’s next speaker for the Leadership Speaker Series is actress and producer Kym Whitley, who will be speaking Monday, Sept. 29, at 7 p.m. in the Kiva.

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