Getting back in touch with two TV dramas

Audrey Young

In addition to pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, haunted houses and changing leaves, fall is the season for all-new TV programs. As my summer shows have officially ended, it’s time for a fresh lineup to begin. In honor of that, here’s a recap of the two shows I can’t wait to start obsessing over again.  

Grey’s Anatomy — Relationships are chilly in Seattle

The last we saw of Meredith Grey, she was sending Cristina Yang on her way to Switzerland — but not before an ultimate last dance-it-out and powerful goodbye from Yang that seriously made me tear up. She also told Derek she is not going to move with him, which is awesome because that means the characters are staying on the show. However, this also means serious trouble in paradise. Yang gave her board position to Alex, the resident troubled hot guy. From the season previews, this is not going to sit well with everyone. Last but not least, we learned Meredith has another sister! Not surprisingly, previews show this sister duo is going to start much like Meredith’s relationship with her late sister Lexi. This new half-sister is a result of Meredith’s mom’s affair with Richard, the old chief of surgery. This season is already proving that there will be heartbreak, but maybe not the hearts we are expecting.

Nashville — They put a ring on it

In Nashville, Rayna has quite the decision on her ring finger. She now has to choose between two men she loves­ — and we’re all praying it will be her long-time, off-and-on-again love, Deacon. I can’t help but feel bad for Luke, though. He has been nothing but awesome to Rayna. Country princess Juliette Barnes cheated on her boyfriend, Avery, and when he found out, she begged him to stay. In the end, and after Rayna’s engagement to Luke, Deacon goes to her house and re-proposes to her with the old ring she gave back to him. He is so charming and I want them together, but I can’t help but feel like its just too late.  

Honestly, these shows and finales were so jammed pack with drama that it’s impossible to cover it all. I highly recommend going back and binge watching both shows on Hulu or before the new seasons begin. 

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