Your coffee character

Audrey Young

Fall is here and college girls across the nation — including myself— are downing their 100th pumpkin spice latte. We all know deep down if we could get an IV drip of PSL it still wouldn’t be enough. I was doing my normal routine the other morning wake up, run around like a crazy person until 7:30 a.m. and run out the door— realizing I forgot my morning coffee— so I pulled into the nearest Starbucks. As I was getting ready to order my 101st pumpkin spice latte, I saw they actually have more than one fall drink. I tried the Carmel Salted Latte and it was AMAZING. As I was guzzling down my newfound coffee obsession, I wondered what your coffee choice says about you. Here’s my non-so-scientific personality test: What your Starbucks order says about you. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte:

You’re basic— and nothing is wrong with that. You are probably wearing your new fall boots you got for an amazing price on, your flannel and have your favorite fall scarf wrapped around your neck. You are ready for fall and dress for the part — ignoring the fact that it is still 75 degrees outside. You watch shows like “The Bachelor,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and you get way too involved in the characters lives. Last but not least, you most likely posted a status with your first pumpkin spice latte followed by #whitegirlproblems. In other words your name is Audrey Young and you love being basic #noshame. 

Espresso, Straight:

You pride yourself on knowing everything and anything about coffee. You know where every bean is from and know which you prefer. You probably tell your barista the “proper way” to serve and drink espresso. In other words you’re a coffee snob — yet you refuse to just make your own.  


You just pulled a crazy all-nighter and if you don’t get caffeine in your system right now you’re going to pass out. We have all been there. 


You genuinely love the taste of coffee. Others look at you in horror when you say you don’t want or like the caffeine in your coffee. People often ask you how you function or tell you how boring your order is — but hey how else can you enjoy Starbucks for under $5? Your wallet isn’t complaining. 

White Chocolate Mocha: 

It’s not fall, but you’re still posting #whitegirlproblems. You tragically have to live with your boring all-year-round order. You have been ordering Starbucks since you were 12 — you live for brunching at Starbucks with your friends and sharing the latest gossip.

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