University adopts new health insurance policy

Sammi Ickes

The university adopted a new health insurance policy this fall semester because of the changes made by the Affordable Care Act in January 2014.

“The policy change, in design and the coverage, was due to the Affordable Care Act mandates of what needed to be in the student health insurance premium policy for all, no matter who the insurer was,” associate director of University Health Services Julie Volcheck said.

According to the email sent to students from [email protected], UnitedHealthcare StudentResources provides student insurance and covers Aug. 21, 2014 until Aug. 20, 2015.

University Health Services encourages students who had health care through Aetna last year to enroll prior to Aug. 21 to ensure that “nobody has a lapse in coverage,” Volcheck said.

The new insurance policy covers a range of medical services including primary care to treat an illness or injury, preventative care, screening, immunizations, as well as a variety of other services.

Students can find the complete list of what medical services UnitedHealthcare StudentResources covers at

“This is a very comprehensive plan that covers preventatives as well as illnesses,” Volcheck said. “There are insurances that is just catastrophic, so they only cover a major medical incidence.”

The policy features two options for students, either a high deductible of $1,500 for an in-network visit or low deductible of $500.

“We wanted two options, a high and low, to give students a choice of how they spend their dollars,” Volcheck said.

The insurance features open enrollment, and students voluntarily enroll for health care on the UnitedHeathcare StudentResources’ website.

“It’s never been mandated that students had to purchase student insurance, so it’s not automatic. If you want to sign up, you actively have to go in and enroll,” said Danielle Mongold, an accounting clerk at the University Health Center.

Mongold said open enrollment is available until Sept. 30, but it will be available again in mid-December for students who wish to enroll for insurance during the spring semester.

The student insurance has been designed to benefit students who use the Health Center, which does not charge copays or deductibles.

“For the student who lives near or on campus, and if the premium was the same for parents on this plan, because the Health Center waives copays and deductibles, their out of pocket would be less over all,” Volcheck said.

While last year, the copay and deductibles were 90 percent, there is a 100 percent no copay or deductible policy this academic year.

“Students are going to get the best use of their benefits coming here when possible,” Mongold said.

The Health Center is available for students if they have questions regarding the new health policy and how to enroll by calling 330-672-2322.

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