A look inside Einstein’s Attic


Melissa May, 39 of Girard, shops at Einstein’s Attic in Downtown Kent Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014.

Erin Zaranec

When you first step into Einstein’s Attic, the wide variety of products and off-the-wall items can be a bit overwhelming. 

The store is one that cannot be explored too quickly. Everywhere you look there is something more interesting than the last item you saw. Everything from vintage Nike windbreakers, a 1982 original Superman kite and 1950s bullet-shaped lipstick samples can be found on the shelves. 

Owner Sherry Dakes prides herself on the wide selection the store has to offer. 

“We look for vintage clothing, things that look like they would be good for costume pieces and we look for retro stuff,” Dakes said while tagging a stack of white bandanas. 

Einstein’s Attic opened in 2002 and was originally located in what is now Acorn Alley in Downtown Kent. During the renovation of downtown, the store moved to Cherry Street, just minutes away from Kent’s campus and across from Kent Plaza. 

Dakes said the name of the store came from an employee’s daughter who thought the store resembled what Albert Einstein would have in his attic. 

Taking a walk around the store, the name really is the perfect fit. The store has walls dedicated to VHS tapes, costume jewelry and shelves full of everything from bike seats to Barney dolls. Racks of clothing fill nearly one half of the store; a designated rack of 80s clothing sits next to a wall full of bowties and suspenders. 

Dakes said the store imports items from India, Kenya, China and Mexico, as well as getting items from tag sales, estate sales and auctions. 

Every piece of clothing brought into the store is laundered and all furniture is steamed-cleaned prior to being tagged for sale. Dakes said they always make sure they sell products that are in working condition. 

As for the more unique items — Dakes said one of the most distinctive things the store has ever carried was jewelry made from bone and gallstone. 

“Some of the pieces that we find are really unique. When we go to auctions we try to find stuff that is handmade, we focus on finding unique stuff,” Dakes said. 

The store is currently getting ready for the Halloween season. 

While they don’t sell packaged costumes, they sell pieces that will function together as a costume. The store has a section of wigs and costume props, such as Devil’s horns and cat ears, but the rest of your costume will need to be found within the racks. 

Although it may require a bit of digging, the cost won’t be tough on your wallet. All items are reasonably priced and one of a kind.

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