Visual Kent

Students walk to classes in the rain Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.

Jacob Byk

For those unfamiliar with Kent, Ohio – or Northeast Ohio in general – rain is a common and anticipated variable. It comes and goes like classes, with the unpredictability of a pop quiz. Moments before the rain begins, there is an understood tension in the air. The sky darkens and everyone who has the misfortune of having to cross campus finds himself or herself quickening his or her pace. While in the process of traversing campus and attempting to dodge the majority of the downpour, I found this man sitting peacefully outside a hall. The twist on the image, that pushed me to capture it, was the contrast between the environment and his immersion in his work. It was a rare combination – where someone is so immersed in what they are doing, that they neglect or simply don’t care – or don’t even mind, what is coming ahead. 

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