USG makes change in fall semester

Katie Nix

Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government, or USG, has made changes to its operations this semester as well as its appearance.

“The allocations process is one of the main things we’re changing this semester,” USG Executive Director Marvin Logan said. “We want to make it easier for student organizations to utilize.”

Prior to this semester, if a student organization wanted or needed funding to take an organization-related trip or put on a program, someone from the group needed to pick up the forms from the USG office, fill them out and turn them back in. 

The allocations committee, which is made up of Brian Cannon, USG Director of Business and Finance, and 10 undergraduate students, would grant or deny the request.

“This fall we streamlined the allocation process with an online application form, and we are creating an informational video on the allocations process showing how to apply for funding,” Cannon said. “It will expand some of my responsibilities and some of my committee members’ responsibilities regarding PR and the Marketing of the allocations process to the undergraduate students.”

What’s new with USG?

  • A streamlined allocations process
  • Weekly meetings to help student organizations with the allocations process
  • A facelift of its website,
  • Renovated offices
  • Office hours

Logan also said the allocations committee will hold weekly meetings from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesdays for student organizations that need or want help with the allocations process.

“It’s one of those things we want to make easier for students,” Logan said. “It’s why (USG is) here.”

The start date for the meetings will be posted on the USG website, which recently underwent a facelift, as will the schedule of regular USG meetings.

“We redid the website over the summer,” Logan said. “We wanted it to be more user friendly, and it didn’t used to be. That makes it harder for us to serve the student body.”

In addition to the new website, USG also got new offices this semester.

“They were part of the student center renovations that have been going on for over a year and will continue,” Logan said. “All student organizations that were housed in the Student Center got new offices with fresh paint, new carpet, drywall and furniture. They’re really quite nice.”

Logan said members of USG will also be hosting office hours in these new offices as well as other places around campus, both of which will be available on the website in the coming weeks.

“Before these office hours begin, all of our emails are available on the website if you need to contact any member of USG,” Logan said. “Our action plan for the semester will also be posted soon and give the students a better direction as to where we want to go this year.”

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