How to find good seats at the games

Jenna Watson

Jenna Watson

Patrick Shade

How to Find a Good Seat at the Games:

It’s been a stressful week: You’ve got numerous tests that are crucial to your grade, meetings almost every night, and that new roommate just won’t stop playing what you struggle to believe is “music” on their iPod when you’re trying to get some sleep. On top of that, the athletics department just sent you a text urging you to go to the big game. You decide to just casually walk in with 10 minutes remaining until the start time, probably not caring about what seat you get.

Not so fast, my friend. The art of getting a good seat is similar to cutting coupons out of store circulars. Know the tricks of the trade and you’ll get views to die for. Get unlucky and you’ll get a view of the back of someone’s head or not be able to see anything at all.

Here are some tips to help you get the best views.

1: Act like a scout

No, you don’t have to analyze the players on the other team, but you do need to look at whether or not the game will have major implications, the records of both teams, and whether or not there are any special events or promotions going on.

Show up 10 minutes before the season opener against Ohio, the game that Kent State wants the attendance record for football broken at, and chances are you won’t find a good seat. However, showing up 40-45 minutes before the game begins will probably guarantee you a good seat.

This isn’t the case with every game. For some events you’ll need to get there early, while others you’ll be good to walk in just before tipoff or later.

2: Know the sport and venue

Is the sport you’re going to full of action or rich in detail? Is it a must to get a good seat in order to follow the game play?

Kent State has many different venues for its sports. With capacities ranging from the several hundreds to more than 25,000, there is a difference with every venue. While Kent probably has a sport or two that your high school didn’t offer, study the basic fundamentals of the sport and go see the venue when it’s not being used in person during your free time.

3: Join the Krew

No, that’s not a typo. The Krew is the student section for Kent State and they can usually be found at home games cheering on the Flashes. By signing up, you’ll be able to win prizes, take the bus trips to sporting events not in Kent and you can even become involved with the student section itself by running to take an executive position.

4: Go with a friend

The first weeks of college are crucial to adding new friends. Whether it’s a friend you made at Destination Kent State, your roommate, or someone in one of your classes, trying to find a seat at a sporting event lasting just a couple of hours can lead into a lasting lifetime of memories. 

5: Get involved

Sure, you can just watch and clap, but it’s more fun to cheer, question bad decisions and celebrate with those around. Finding the perfect seat and the perfect people around you can get you involved in the game like you never thought you would.

See you at the games, and GO FLASHES!!!

Patrick Shade is a sports reporter for the Summer Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]