Summer highlights everyone was talking about

Audrey Young

Welcome new and returning Flashes to Fall 2014.

I’m a super senior here at Kent State and this is my final semester. I love movies, television, music and of course, I love some good celebrity gossip. 

Before we leap into the new school year and kiss summer break — and our summer hookups — goodbye, let’s take a moment to reminisce. Here are the top trending topics of the summer: 

The color of the season: Orange 

“Orange is the New Black” that is! Season 2 brought us back to the ladies of Litchfield, and while I could have used more Alex Vause — Litchfield’s resident girl crush, this season was filled with betrayal, forbidden hookups, love, drugs, the SHU and the same loveable characters we all missed. No worries, no spoilers here. This season we got a look into the former lives of the women we have only known behind bars. Some questions are answered, like has Crazy Eyes always been crazy? The season seemed to taper off in the last two episodes, but then hit fans with a killer finale. Sadly, Season 3 is not set to stream until next summer. To ease the waiting game, you can binge-watch both seasons on Netflix. 


Who knew raising awareness could become so heated? Some loved the challenge of pouring gallons of freezing water on themselves — and hopefully donating to the ALS Association — while nominating their friends to do the same. However, others, found an issue within the movement. Fights about wasting water, not doing the challenge for the right reasons and the interruption of their sacred newsfeeds, are popping up over all social media platforms. I’m hearing the word “slacktivism” used a lot — a word that I find just as annoying as “selfie” and “twerking.” Admittedly, I was a skeptic at first, but after giving in and shooting my own challenge, it turned out to simply be a good laugh with friends while raising awareness for a great cause.  

He’s coming home

The King has returned to Ohio! Fans are pulling their burned jerseys out of the ashes and desperately trying to patch them back together. While I’m not a huge basketball fan, thanks to bad cheerleading nightmares, I am excited to see a Cleveland team start winning. Trust me, I love the Indians and the Browns, but the Indians can never hold it together all the way through the season, and well, the Browns are the Browns. I currently work in downtown Cleveland, and the day Lebron James announced his homecoming ended in one crazy happy hour across the city.  

The OMGs at the VMAs 

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the summer than with one of the most iconic, annual television events. This year the VMAs were all about the ladies. The show started out with a bang when newcomer Arianna Grande belted out her newest hit “Break Free,” Nicki Minaj took back her booty-shaking crown and Jessie J was the spitting image of perfection. After grinding on the stage, Minaj switched it up and proved to the audience she could still sing with ease — even while holding her quick-change dress on. The real pro, though, was her back up dancer, who performed after being bitten by a six-foot boa constrictor at the show’s dress rehearsal. She was transported to the hospital and was back in time to perform on the VMA stage Sunday night. The Queen herself, Beyoncé, capped the night. After an amazing performance, Beyoncé and Jay-Z attempted to put divorce rumors to rest by proving they are still crazy in love on stage with their daughter, Blue Ivy.