New Faculty Professional Development Center Director

Kristen Kobe

The Faculty Professional Development Center appointed David Dees as the new director for the center on July 1. Dees has served as the interim director for the FPDC since July 2013. 

Dees said the FPDC spent time identifying best practices around the U.S., including what it should be working on or changing instead of only focusing around faculty life. As director, Dees said he wants to re-focus the center and implement the changes that were suggested from the community.    

“We realized that we need to focus our energy more on teaching and learning,” he said. “We want to focus on helping the faculty improve their teaching by researching how students learn.” 

Dees is also designing a new program with his staff to called Flashport, a virtual space that provides different university resources for faculty use, that will be unveiled in August.

“It’s going to help them find what they are looking for in one spot,” he said. “It will give them a quick solution for what they are looking for.”

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