Ask Mel: Dear Kent State

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Melissa Puppo

Dear Kent State,

    This is my final week as your advice columnist for the Spring 2014 semester. I have loved receiving questions from you and also giving my advice when I thought you needed it most. I will not be returning to Ask Mel next fall as I will be studying in Florence, Italy — can I get a YAY?! — but I will definitely miss giving you my weekly advice. Hopefully in the future I will return.

    I thought the best way to end my advice column was to give you all some parting words for the future.

    My advice for you all this time around is to keep doing whatever it is you are doing now that makes you happy. If you’re a freshman who has survived your first year, congrats, and I can only hope you will continue to find yourself, make friends and love every moment you will have in the future.

    For sophomores and juniors, I hope you have found where you belong on campus and are beginning to realize where you want to go and what you want to do in the future. Seniors, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling as commencement is right around the corner. Be happy you have succeeded as a college student and are on to many more adventures.

    This summer, I hope you all do something adventurous with your time away from school. Whether you plan to start a new summer job or internship or plan to run a marathon — do something new and exciting.

    Whatever you do, don’t spend your days inside wasting your time on Netflix and watching videos online. What I’ve realized as each day goes by is that time doesn’t stop. Don’t waste the beautiful days doing what you’ve been doing during the winter months.

    When in doubt, just remember one of my favorite quotes from Henry D. Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

    Have an awesome summer!

    XO — Mel