Ask Mel: Once last bit of advice

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Melissa Puppo

Dear Kent State friends,

There are two weeks remaining before finals week. If you’re like me, then you already know these two weeks are about to be extremely stressful — you’re going to have a ton of last-minute assignments to make up, there are a ton of studying and typing papers to be done and there will be not much sleep. It’s exhausting, I know.

I want to share some advice on this topic for two reasons. One, because I think this might help you out and two, me writing this might actually keep myself sane if I take my own advice with the few weeks we all have left.

Make sure you organize what finals and papers you have and, most importantly, their due dates in advance. Plan a schedule and tell yourself when you’re going to study for what or when you plan to turn in an assignment. (Something I still need to do!)

Work and study somewhere you won’t get distracted. This is key. I know for a fact that yes, while I might be able to study in my floor’s lounge, the best bet for me to knock out a few assignments is to go into my studio or, hello, the library! Find where you work the best. It might be somewhere in your hall, the library or even Cartwright Hall by the windows. (That’s great, too.)

Get some sleep. It’s crunch time, and we all need to make sure we are catching our ZZZ’s. I don’t want to hear anything about all-nighters or drinking two cans of Starbucks double-shot drinks — again, plan ahead so you don’t need to scramble.

Finally, try your best because the best is all you can do. If you know you are trying your hardest you will be better focused and perform better. I know in one of my classes (*cough cough* microeconomics) I’ve been struggling all year — and I really do try my hardest — but I still can’t get the A that I want. Just go into all of your work and tests with a positive attitude, and you will rock it … at least you’ll come out knowing you did all that you could.

I wish you all the best of luck!

XO — Mel