English immersion makes shopping an experience

Erin Zaranec

Things always seem to be more desirable when you know they are limited edition. Whether it’s an article of clothing, a book or a seasonal drink, making a purchase is always more fun knowing that you are going to be one of the only people coveting that item.

At Carnaby Street Style in downtown Kent, each piece of clothing purchased is a limited edition item.

“[The store] gets a limited quantity of each item and then once it’s gone, it’s gone. The main reason for this is so not everyone in Kent is going to have the same things. This also allows the store to get new inventory every single week,” Carnaby owner Emma Day said.

Day is a London native who moved to Ohio 15 years ago. She attended Bowling Green State University and received a business degree, but has always worked in the retail and fashion industry. Day said she always had a love of fashion and knew that she wanted to have her own boutique one day.

After visiting her brother at Kent State and seeing the renovations taking place downtown, Day knew Kent was the right place to settle. Her train of thought was right, and her store celebrated its one-year anniversary Jan. 17.

When it came down to designing her store, Day knew she wanted it to be an experience for shoppers.

“I was on Carnaby Street [in London] at a VIP show in one of their boutiques when I really got to thinking about why so many people love coming to this major fashion district,” Day said.

“Shopping on Carnaby Street is an experience. Each store and independent boutique has a theme, a story and is completely unique.”

Day kept this inspiration in mind when designing Carnaby Street Style. The boutique is her spin on a “European style boutique experience,” featuring trendy clothes for both men and women.

The boutique brings a little piece of London right to downtown Kent. Walking in the boutique, one cannot ignore the cozy atmosphere of the store. A Bangle Bar features affordable arm candy and the racks are always full of the store’s latest arrivals. Scarves, shoes, dresses and shirts — everything at Carnaby Street Style is one-of-a-kind.

So, after having a successful first year, what’s next for Carnaby Street Style? Day said she wants to include new ways to interact with customers, more events and more new styles, but for more details, “you’ll have to wait and see — I always have something new up my sleeve.”

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