News on the go: April 30, 2014

Celia Fernandez

A FedEx employee wearing bullets across his chest opened fire at a package-sorting center outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He wounded six people before ultimately committing suicide. Three of those wounded were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Authorities have begun investigated the gunman, a package-handler for any leads as to why he used a shotgun to blast his way through the facility. Read full story.

The Supreme Court has backed federal limits on smokestack emissions that cross state lines and hurt people with unhealthful air from power plants they can’t control. The ruling affects pollution from 27 Midwestern and Appalachian states and has settled a decade-old fight among states. It also marks a huge victory for the Obama administration. Read full story.

In Syria, a double car bombing and mortar strike targeted pro-government neighborhoods in two of the countries cities, killing at least 54 people a day after President Bashar Assad declared his candidacy for re-election. The attacks heighten fears of escalating violence before the elections in June.