BSR Beats: Week 11

Zack Ulam


“This Is The Last Time” by The National

The lyrics, typically lonely and depressing for The National, fall perfectly into place with the music, not to mention the wall of stringed instruments and vocal melodies that create the perfect ending.


“Confidence” by The Dodos on Carrier

The Dodos made the progression toward more electric guitars and heavier drums on this album, and no track makes me gladder of this transition than “Confidence.”


“Byegone” by Volcano Choir

Lead singer Justin Vernon shows that falsetto isn’t his only weapon. The yells on this track sound stellar, while the soft moments in Vernon’s voice sound as fitting as ever with the swelling sound of the song.


“Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

Who couldn’t love this song? This short burst of vocals and experimental sounds has to be the catchiest song that I have heard in a while. The band uses so many different sounds and effects throughout the song, but all in a tasteful manner.


“Blue Moon” by Beck

“Blue Moon,” my favorite song on this album, offers a bit more musical optimism than the rest of the album, although the lyrics still depress. Often, uplifting music combines with saddening lyrics to create the perfect song, and “Blue Moon” makes proof of this..

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