News on the go: April 16, 2014

Celia Fernandez

Immigration activists and Latinos are warning of political backlash for Democrats in the fall election if President Obama doesn’t lower the amount of deportation and allow more immigrants to stay in the United States legally. Many activists say Obama hasn’t gone enough to curb deportation and despair is growing within the Latino community. Read full story.

The U.S. transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx, is spreading bad news after an eight-state bus trip. The governments Highway Trust Fund is running out of money, it the money does run out it could shut down or set back projects across the country. It could also delay improvements, needed repairs and force widespread layoff of construction workers. Foxx is asking Congress to approve the legislation for highway and transit programs quickly.

About 100 girls have been kidnapped from a school in northeastern Nigeria and a bombing has killed at least 75 people in the capital. These events are increasing doubts about the military being able to contain an Islamic uprising within the country. People are also afraid that this uprising will spread to neighboring countries.

April 15 was the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Vice President Joe Biden took part in the ceremony honoring those killed and injured in the twin attacks near the finish line a year ago. He said the courage shown by the Boston Marathon bombing survivors and those who lost loved ones in an inspiration for other Americans dealing with loss and tragedy. Read full story.

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