Hillel hosts Israelfest

Ashlyne Wilson

If you’ve never been to Israel, don’t worry because Hillel is bringing Israel to you. On Monday from noon to five, Hillel will host the Israelfest in the student green.

“We really want to show people what Israel represents in the Middle East,” said exploratory freshman Danielle Minor, who helped put the event together. “Not many people know much about the country, and unlike what most people think, Israel is very peaceful.”

Minor said they are dividing the student green into different regions that will represent the different cities of Israel.

“We will have a Jerusalem table, which will be kind of multicultural to represent the three main religions that people worship there,” she said. “Those religions are Judaism, Catholicism, and Muslim.”

There will be Muslim and Catholic representatives who will attend so they all can contribute to the display for Jerusalem.

Minor said there will be a table for Tel Aviv, which is the entertainment center of Israel, at which they will have a DJ and club music to represent the city.

“I just want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves,” she said. “There will be lots of free food and fun activities.”

Ricky Marcus, director of Jewish student life for Hillel, said that in addition to the different tables for the cities, there will be a lot more fun events for everyone to enjoy.

“We will be representing the Dead Sea, which is a vacation spot for people in Israel, so we will be having free 10-minute massages by the Rec for students,” he said.

Marcus said they will have mud from the Dead Sea that people can use for a facial, which he said is supposed to have healing powers. Those who attend will also be able to taste authentic Israeli food like falafel and Israeli salad.

During Israelfest, students will be able to plant their own trees and learn Israeli dances from a dance instructor.

Marcus said that Israelfest is a fun event that celebrates Israel’s independence.

“It’s like a fourth of July for Israel,” he said. “This year Israel will be celebrating 66 years in existence, which is kind of a neat thing when you think about a country only being around for such a short time and all the things they have already accomplished.”

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