BSR Beats: Week 13

Martin Harp


“Familiar Enemy” by Adestria

One of the recently released songs by Adestria for their new album Gilded Hearts that releases on April 29. This is a band that I have always felt needs way more recognition than it has. This song has a damn catchy chorus that has seriously kept me coming back for more and more. This song is the perfect mix of everything.


Death of a Golden Age” by Adestria

I told you I think this band needs more recognition and here’s the second single they released for Gilded Hearts. This song has a much heavier feel and the breakdown at the end – good lord. This is my most anticipated album right now and I’ve had their new singles on repeat since they were released. GO listen to them and find your new addiction.


Troll” by The Plot In You

So I am supposed to pick newer songs for the BSR Beats but I’m going to cheat and pick a song from last year. This song is my number one most played song on my iTunes and with good reason. I love breakdowns, and this song’s two breakdowns do such an amazing job of making my blood boil in such a good way.


Nemesis” by Emmure

It was so good to see Emmure go back to the way they were after their not so hot album of Slave to the Game. This song is what I want from this band – I hate the world lyrics and simply just a heavy vibe. The last 30 seconds of this song are what really make it for me.


“More Than You Know” by Adestria

I’m going to cheat again and pick an old song and my third Adestria song. I’m seriously not joking when I say this band deserves more recognition. I also will stand by my claim that this is the best song written in the metalcore genre. The slow burn of this song gives me goosebumps every single time I’ve heard it, and I’ve heard it quite a bit. This is the greatest metalcore song I’ve ever heard in my life, so please find out why.