BSR Beats: Week 11

Chelsey Milkovich


“Dark Horse” by Katy Perry vs. Juicy J

This is my guilty pleasure song, no question. I hear this hit on the radio and I’m instantly excited. Not only is it catchy with its lines and lyrics, but the beat makes it extremely hard to stay still and not to shoulder-sway. I’m a big fan of the collaboration between Katy Perry and Juicy J because they both bring obvious different elements to the table, but they mesh together perfectly.


“Public Service Announcement” by Of Mice & Men

Although I can’t say I enjoyed their newest album as a whole, OM&M killed it with this song. It gives elements of their old sound with a newer, matured twist and I loved that. I wish the rest of the album did it for me, but this song was definitely pleasing.


“Big Cheese” by Bayside

The hit off their latest album Cult that I just get enough of. It’s the perfect song for the pump up you need to get through a crummy day. The sick drum-pounding intro intrigues you and keeps you around to listen to the rest of the album. I highly recommend it.


“Gloom” by The Devil Wears Prada

If you’re into heavy breakdowns and catchy riffs, this song’s your go-to. The Devil Wears Prada is successful at showing up after releasing a new album. Making this song their intro to the album was the perfect decision. This is easily one of my favorites.


“Man On Fire” by Bury Tomorrow

A heavy scream and perfect riffs to follow, this song’s a winner. I love a great breakdown, and this song supplies one without being too overwhelming. Overall a great song, especially for someone who loves a good heavy tune.

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