News on the go: April 8, 2014

Taylor Williams

After searching for the Malaysia Flight 370 for a month, ships detected a faint pinging noise Monday deep in the Indian Ocean. Search leaders call this the “most promising lead” yet. Officials are still cautious, but Monday’s lead is the second noise picked up as other vessels are trying to solve this mystery.

Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the 100-day genocide in Rwanda that saw crowded churches set on fire and “machete-wielding attackers” hack down families from a demonized minority. President Paul Kagame said the country salutes its “unbreakable Rwandan spirit.”

Connecticut and Kentucky teams competed Monday in Arlington, Texas, for the title of National Champion. After both teams were sidelined from last year’s post season play (WILL FINISH WHEN GAME IS OVER).

Known for being a superstar in his youth, Mickey Rooney died Sunday at age 93. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said he died of natural causes. Rooney spent nine decades putting on a show as one of Hollywood’s top box-office draws. 

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