Scholarship giveaway during “I (Heart) Travel” week encourages students to study abroad


Employee for the Office of Global Education Nick Vasiloff holds up his sign saying his dream place to travel would be Israel at the “I (Heart) Travel Week” event in the Kent State library Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014.

Chelsey Milkovich

While the fourth floor of the library filled for “I (Heart) Travel” week, sponsors holding the event gave students in the College of Arts and Sciences the opportunity to put their name into a raffle for the chance to receive a $1000 scholarship towards any study abroad program of their choice.

“It was wonderful to be able to help five students fund their study abroad program during the event,” said Stasiowski.  “It was a great push to really encourage students to step outside their boundaries and travel.”

Maggie Lohmann, freshman International relations major with a minor in non-profit studies, won one of the $1000 scholarships.  She said her attendance during “I (Heart) Travel” amounted to four out of five days during the week.

“I wanted all of the opportunities to put my name in the drawing so I made sure to attend each day in hopes of receiving the scholarship,” Lohman said. “I had to take complete advantage of the chance to win, and I had a great experience learning about different cultures each day.”

If all of Lohmann’s plans go through, she plans on spending a summer abroad in Seoul, South Korea.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad but I never thought it would be as much of a reality as Kent State has made it for me,” said Lohmann.  “They give you so many options and opportunities to make it happen for each and every student.”

 Zach Helfer, junior pre-med/biology major also won a scholarship during the week. He plans to use his scholarship towards a trip to the Summer 2014 Florence Institute.

 “I’ve always thought about traveling and study abroad, but winning the scholarship was my push to making it a reality,” he said.

Helfer encourages all Kent State students with the slightest interest in study abroad to reach out to advisors and resources to make their dreams become a reality.

“So many students are automatically discouraged in furthering their interest in study abroad because it may seem so expensive, but there are so many options for scholarships and funding if you make the time to go out and find them,” said Helfer.

Stasiowski wants the students of Kent State to be aware of all of the resources they can use to learn about study abroad and travel.

“The opportunities for students to engage in their interest for travel and study abroad truly are endless and we want the students to know that,” said Stasiowski.  “There are so many counselors and advisors who are willing to take the time and discuss options.”

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