Up-and-coming Columbus rapper to perform at the Kent Stage

Endya Watson

Rapper Cal Scruby will bring a taste of his hometown Cincinnati and his college town Columbus to the Kent Stage on Saturday, March 1.

The 24-year-old Ohio State University student will have three shows in March beginning with Saturday’s show and followed by performances in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Scruby began his rap career about two and a half years ago. He says his music takes inspiration from artists such as J. Cole and Drake.

“I listen to a wide variety of rap music from hype radio songs to smooth rap,” Scruby said. “From that inspiration, I make pretty traditional hip-hop, putting a lot of emphasis on writing and lyrics.”

While Scruby says he doesn’t feel like his career has had a “big break” per say it has been big efforts in between little breaks that brought him to where he is today.

Early on in Scruby’s career, he was asked by the Ohio State Activity Board to perform with rapper J. Cole. This moment was the first time Scruby got experience on stage.

“The first time I performed, I was in a tattoo parlor; the second time I was on stage with J. Cole when he came to Ohio State,” Scruby said. “It was surreal, and a good way to popularize myself.”

All of Scruby’s music can be found on his website. The rapper also has music videos, footage from live shows, and freestyle rap on his YouTube channel.

Kalli Sternberg, a freshman fashion merchandising major, started listening to Scruby because of this social media promotion.

“I started listening to Cal Scruby when a friend showed me his stuff on YouTube,”

Sternberg said. “I just love his style. I can’t think of one song by him that I haven’t liked.”

Even with the rise in popularity, Scruby says he has a handle on balancing his college life and his music career.

“I make a lot of to-do lists, in fact I make a to-do list on my to-do list,” Scruby laughed.

“With 22 credit hours this semester, I am really busy all the time, but I stay organized and make it work.”

Just a few weeks after the release of a music video for his song “Wondergirl,” this will be Scruby’s first live show of the year. He is performing alongside three other local

Northeast Ohio artists at the show: Lorine Chia, Ezzy, and Swah.

Scruby said he anticipates a warm welcome because he’s been getting some support from Kent. Natasha Kesav, a sophomore integrated life science major, is one student looking forward to welcoming Scruby.

“Cal is actually from my city, so I’ve listened to him since his first mix tape,” Kesav said.

“I like his lyrics and the songs have really good beats. He has slow hip-hop, but he also has pump up song I can workout to.”

Doors open for Saturday’s show at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on The Kent Stage’s website or at humbleheroz.com.

For more information about Scruby and to download some of his music, visit Scruby’s website.

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