Fitness Diary: Week 9

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Melissa Puppo

I learned one major thing this past week: even when you think something is impossible at the time, if you believe in yourself and actually TRY, then you will complete it. 

That idea seems pretty easy to grasp, but what I did this past week really surprised me and made me believe it even more.

First, I tried a workout that had me aching from the first move. My boyfriend is always trying to switch the workouts up, and we used a blend of moves ranging from lunges with a bar, burpees, squat jumps, dips and curls. Oh, and let me not forget, I also bench-pressed without his help! I was struggling, but I really pushed myself and focused to get the bar up each time.

Another time this week I felt proud of myself was on Saturday. We walked to the Rec right as it was closing. Instead of wanting to go back to the residence halls like I hoped he’d want to do, he told me we were going to run a mile — on the outdoor, snow-covered track — in the cold.

I was fuming. I could have left him to go back to my room, but with his motivation and somehow with my own inner motivation, I ran. I wasn’t out of breath, but my calves and legs were burning the whole walk back.

I was amazed this week at how if you try something there is a really good chance you will be able to start and finish it. I tell myself all the time that “I can only do five more,” or “I can’t run four laps,” but I achieved more than I thought. You just have to push yourself, and the results will be endless.