Fitness Diary: Week 8

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Melissa Puppo

I definitely got back into the habit of working out at the Rec this past week. The days I did work out were filled with hard work, sweat, a little bit of hesitation about whether or not I could add more weight and then the joy I had been familiar with in weeks past.

One particular workout I did this week definitely left a lasting impression, as I am still sore while writing this. If you feel like you need to switch up your routine this week, consider using some of my favorite moves for one of your workouts!

I began by focusing on my abs, as I’ve been neglecting that part of my body for some time. My favorite abdominal move was the side crunch. To do it, you lie on one side of your body with one arm at a 90-degree angle in front of you. You bend your other arm so your hand is on your head. At the same time, raise the leg facing up to meet the elbow that’s bent to target your sides. Really push each time to feel the tightness in your sides. I recommend doing 20 reps, then switching to the other side and beginning again. Feel the burn!

A few simple moves that will make a difference over time are wall sits and calf raises. Seem pretty simple, right? Negative. Get into a squatting position and hold your arms out. Try it for 30 seconds if you are new to the move, and work your way up in 30-second intervals. If you can’t seem to hold the position the whole time, try little tricks to take your mind off the pain. Sing part of you favorite song to make the time go by faster; It works for me. When dong calf raises, stand on your tippy toes to work your calf muscles. I would tell you how many reps to do, but honestly go until you feel the tightness all the way up your leg.

Finally, one of the best things I did this week — even though I despised it at the time — was jumping. Yeah, it seems basic, but it was tough! Try using one of the steps with different heights offered at the Rec, or find a bench like I did. Use all of your force to jump onto the ledge and stand up, then jump back down. Do this eight to 10 times and you will be a little winded and sweaty.

I hope you all try these moves and keep thinking positive, friends!