OGE offers various study abroad opportunities

Chelsey Milkovich

With fall 2014 study abroad program deadlines passed, interest in study abroad programs for spring 2015 become more popular. Aside from the more-favored programs such as the Geneva and Florence Institutes, the Office of Global Education encourages students to explore their options for spring 2015 through different plans offered, such as exchange programs and faculty-led semester course programs.  

Ediz Kaykayoglu, a graduate educational pyschology major and assistant director of Education Abroad, said he wants students to be aware of the different programs offered for study abroad and travel for spring 2015.

The International Student Exchange Program is an international network offered by the Office of Global Education that encourages student exchanges all over the world. ISEP is a great and affordable way for students to travel, Kaykayoglu said.

“Programs through ISEP are always great options for semester long programs especially because you have so many places to choose from,” he said.

Travel destinations such as Australia, Botswana and Korea are only a few of many locations students can choose through ISEP.

ISEP gives students the ability to pay Kent State tuition, housing and meal plans, giving them an opportunity for travel while paying the same price to stay and study in Kent.

“I think this is one of the best programs because it gives students more options and more locations around the world for the same price they would pay at Kent State,” Kaykayoglu said. “It has so many advantages that we would like to make more students aware of.”

Besides ISEP, there are currently eight different destinations for student exchange set up through the Office of Global Education’s study abroad program.

Another option students have for travel includes the opportunity to take certain courses during the spring at Kent State that include a spring break trip to certain destinations of study. Some of the courses are offered in, but not limited to, communications, Pan-African studies and geography.  This option gives students the opportunity to study abroad for a shorter period of time.

Kaykayoglu said the most popular and intriguing study abroad programs currently offered at Kent State are the Florence, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland programs.

“We inspire students to travel all over the place, but we are always encouraging students to attend the Florence program and the Geneva program,” Kaykayoglu said.  “We have a Kent State center in both locations, and these programs have been running for 40 years.”

The Office of Global Education sends 130 to 140 students to Florence each semester, Kaykayoglu said.

“Between our center being located in the heart of Florence and the beauty of the city, there’s no question to why our Florence program is so popular,” Kaykayoglu said

Aside from academics, students are given many opportunities to travel while studying abroad.

Amber Bollinger, a sophomore paralegal studies major and student adviser of study abroad, said she believes the Florence program is so popular because of all of the options students have for traveling in Europe during their free time.

“Students who choose to study abroad in Florence frequently find themselves traveling to surrounding European countries that are only a train ride away,” Bollinger said. “It’s interesting because most students studying in Florence spend their weekends away in different countries.”

Freshman fashion design major Mary Jo Haley plans to study in Florence for the spring 2015 semester.  

“The Florence program gives students so many options for travel,” Haley said. “With the amount of field trips students take and the ability to travel on the weekends, there are so many chances to see Europe.”

“I have a scholarship, so it’s also extremely affordable,” Haley said. “I’m very excited for the opportunity.”

With endless options for travel, the Office of Global Education encourages students to travel all over the world; however, being cautious and aware of safety is stressed in study abroad, Kaykayoglu said. Students are advised to be aware of the Department of State Travel warnings list, which files certain countries as potentially dangerous to travelers.  

“We use this list as a tool for students to be cautious and aware of their safety before deciding where to study,” Kaykayoglu said. “The list is constantly changing and updating, so minor travel warnings and alerts can erase over time.”

The Office of Global Education provides students with the necessary resources to further their education and interest in study abroad.

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