Taos Pueblo pottery demonstration to be held Friday

Michael Lopick

The Native American Student Association will host a Taos Pueblo pottery making demonstration Friday in room 135 of Oscar Ritchie Hall from noon to 2 p.m.

The pottery making session will be led by Pumpkin Renee Concha-Saastamoinen, a traditional Taos Pueblo pottery maker and poet whose work has been featured in department store advertising, such as Macy’s.

During her demonstration, she’ll create a new piece while presenting about her Native-American roots.

Megan Brown, member of the Native American Student Association, wants students to know the event covers many areas of interest.

“Pumpkin will be presenting her poetry skills through her Native-American heritage,” she said. “This is an event for anyone interested in art, ceramics, Native-American culture or anything along those lines.”

For more information about the event, students can contact Kim Kennedy, NASA advisor, at (330) 672-8563.

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