Twitter brings in British fans for local band


Submitted Photo

Zac Younkins

Most Kent-based bands have big dreams. Some want to be the underground local favorite, some want to be the next Devo, talked about by professors for years to come. Simply sharing Facebook band page and playing small bars, however, make it hard for most small bands to get recognized. Chil, a pop-punk act from Kent, disproves the theory that the Internet is too flooded with content.

By self-promoting on Twitter, lead guitarist and singer Nicholas Batton got the band a major feature in the United Kingdom’s Jolt magazine.

“She followed us on Twitter and I sent her a link to our new song ‘Addicted to Dreaming,’” Batton said. “Afterward she asked us if we would like to do an email interview to promote our upcoming CD “’Keep Us From Sinking.’”

The power of connectivity shows true. Just through a simple Twitter interaction, Batton said Chil now has a devoted following abroad.

 “Our overseas fans are great too,” he said. “They stay really active with us on Twitter since we can’t go over there to play shows yet. They really appreciate the live videos.”

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